GCC 4 and new packages

Finally the TiltOS project has switched to GCC4. Almost all of the packages in repository have been rebuilt with gcc4 compiler (263 of 285 packages - 92%). This release features a full GNU Compiler Collection packages including c, c++, java (unstable), fortran and objective-c compilers. The most important packages are: cdrtools, gnash (unstable), netsurf, openldap,rsync. Also many packages have been fixed. A complete list of newly added packages: agg, binutils, boost, boost-jam, cdrtools, gdb, gnash, gst-plugins-bad, gst-plugins-good, gst-plugins-ugly, hubbub, iana-etc, icu, inetutils, gcc4 (gcc, g++, gcj, gfortran, objc), libpaper, libparserutils, libpcap, mpfr, ncompress, netcat, netsurf, openldap, python-numeric, python-pygobject, rcs, re2c, rsync, tcpdump, traceroute.


creating new box packages


I'd like to create some packages using the box format.
I've made the XML file, but I don't know what to do afterwards. It seems the rest is automatically generated, but I don't know how to do this.
The http://dev.tiltos.com/ is empty, so I can't get more informations. Could you help us please?

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