DOSBox and other packages

This time I have ported the latest version of DOSBox , a DOS emulator. There are small issues with key mappings, but it is possible to play my favorite DOS game - Mario. This update also includes: a2ps, mktemp, procps (watch), sablotron and tidy.


keyboard on dosbox


I'm running dosbox on Haiku, the version from your tiltos repository. There is something strange with the keyboard, I can type on the keypad 1 456789 but not 2 and 3. When I type, the terminal is displaying this, in this order from 1 to 9, which seems correct:

key type 2 is 58 [101 58]
key type 2 is 59 [102 59]
key type 2 is 5a [103 5a]
key type 2 is 48 [104 48]
key type 2 is 49 [105 49]
key type 2 is 4a [106 4a]
key type 2 is 37 [107 37]
key type 2 is 38 [108 38]
key type 2 is 39 [109 39]

Do you have the same, or is the keypad correctly working?

And btw, thank you for the box program and the tiltos project, it's very conveniant!

As I said in the post I know

As I said in the post I know about key mapping issues. Unfortunately I don't know how it fix. Maybe it's SDL bug.

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