X11, GTK+, GIMP, Abiword and Gnumeric on TiltOS

I wanted to have a GIMP on haiku, so I decided to do something with that. There were two paths to achieve this goal. The first one was to port a GTK+ and then replace X11 calls from a GIMP with the Haiku's ones (complex task). The second one was to port X11 to the Haiku (easy task). I chose the second path for now. The GIMP on haiku is quite stable except the bug #283 , which also affects Abiword and Gnumeric.
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How to install?
1. Install the latest "TiltOS for Haiku"
2. Install GIMP:
$ box -i gimp --no-deps
3. Install X11:
$ box -i xhaiku

How to run?
1. Start X11 server:
$ startxhaiku
2. Run GIMP (from other terminal)
$ export DISPLAY=:0
$ gimp


This is great news! Any

This is great news! Any chance of having Wine ported? (At least using X11) Nevertheless, this makes me eager to install Haiku and TiltOS. Just a few more days and I'll have my new computer to play with..

Anyway, thanks a lot! Your work is appreciated.

Now Haiku is crashing

I can get as far as calling "box -i gimp" but then Haiku goes into KDL. I'm using VirtualBox 2.1.4_OSE on Ubuntu 9.04 with Haiku image haiku-gcc4-r31341.

VirtualBox is crashing

It is strange. The same Ubuntu and VirtualBox aborts. Tested on haiku-pre-alpha-gcc4-r31368-vm.zip from haiku-files.org. You can try VMPlayer, it works.

if your're connecting to the internet using a proxy ...

then first type at the terminal before executing the commands:
$> export http_proxy=proxy_server_name:port

replacing the proxy_server_name and port with the correct information

Rootless X11

Great work, kaliber!

Is there any chance you could add support for rootless X11 to your port?


It would be great to have

It would be great to have rootless X11. I don't how complex is the task.

failures using haiku-pre-alpha-gcc4-r31279-vm

I'm having the following failures of TiltOS using: failures using haiku-pre-alpha-gcc4-r31279-vm

1) I downloaded tilt using the following command:
wget http://files.tiltos.com/tiltos-for-haiku/tiltos-for-haiku.zip

2) I successfully ran this command:
unzip tiltos-for-haiku.zip -d /

3) I don't see any TiltOS for Haiku.txt file on my desktop (or anywhere on the disk).

4) I tried to install the X11 server and this the error:
~> box -i xhaiku
Error: no such table: core.package

Thanks in advance for your help,

Missing txt file

You are right. There is missing txt file in latest tiltos-for-haiku.zip. I will fix it in a few hours. For now you can extract the file from http://files.tiltos.com/tiltos-for-haiku/tiltos-for-haiku-5.zip

I've uploaded a new version

I've uploaded a new version of tiltos-for-haiku.zip. It should work now.

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